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lunedì 1 luglio 2013

W for Workshop

This blog post will be the updated source about the international online workshop
The Art of Storytelling

ComicOut, an Italian NGO for the progress of the comic art, will hold their first International Workshop about Storytelling in comics, with David Lloyd as host.

David Lloyd is the creator of V for Vendetta, which mask is today the symbol of a generation all around the world. In recent days, he is the publisher of the «Aces Weekly», an online comic book magazine with only original stories.

The topic of the workshop will be:

The Art of Storytelling
Seeing Is Believing: Using Viewpoint and Light To Maximize Effective Storytelling.

The workshop demonstrates maximizing the effect of a strip by focussing on essential elements via efficient composition, and emphasizing needed authenticity or reality by copying how objects and people are in the real world.

Storytelling, the art of narration, is the backbone of the comic art.
As Will Eisner said, comic art is the sequential art. From this starting poing we move on for showing how your drawing skills can be at service of the storytelling.
When and how:
The workshop will be held in English language during the next October 2013, split in 4 weekly virtual meeting. Similar to the other courses of ComicOut, the weekly lessons would be in the form of a blog post, with drawings and videos. The partecipants will communicate with the teacher, asking questions and posting comments. The partecipants will also work on personal homeworks that will be corrected invididually.
The workshop is tailored for comic book artist and drawers that want to enhance their narrative potential and students with a good knowledge of comic book drawing tecniques.

A working knowledge of the English language is required.

The maximum number of partecipants is 20.

If you want to partecipate to the workshop, you will need to send by email to the following: 

  • a short CV with age, place, studies and past experiences about illustrations or comic book drawing
  • a presentation letter of no more than 50 words where you explain why you want to partecipate
  • 4 original complete artwork with no less than 2 comic book pages
  • 3 or 4 sketches

Only after admission you can proceede to the enrollment.

Workshop 200€
If you are not a member of ComicOut, you will have to add 30€ for the membership 2013

Who we are:

ComicOut is an Italian No-Profit Non Governative Organization. Its aim is to help promote the comic art in the World.
Comicout publish the bimontly Magazine «Scuola di Fumetto», in Italian language
ComicOut publish essays and comic books of historical importance
ComiOut also host the school «A Scuola di fumetto online», the first totally online European school of comic book art.
The students of «A Scuola di fumetto online» can follow the courses from their home when they want, with no restrictions, interacting with others partecipants and the teachers. The students are people from all around the world, not only Italy: just as example there are people from Jordan or Australia.
ComicOut understand that it’s important to share on a global basis of the knowledge and the culture of the comic art, with no reason to lock this in a single place or area.


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