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mercoledì 11 settembre 2013

International Workshop - David Lloyd: The Art of Storytelling

The first international workshop from ComicOut, the Italian NGO about the comic art, will be hosted next October by David Lloyd, the graphic creator of V for Vendetta and also the editor of Aces Weekly.

Are you a comic book artist? Do you want to try it? Are you an author or you want to be?

If you want to improve your storytelling skills, learn how to use better lights, shadows, the panel composition Do you want that your cartoons tell a story with passion and without breaks?

That's is what is about the workshop of David Lloyd.

Prof. Lloyd

«I want to teach what I do better», he said.

Where are you? Italy? Europe? Americas, Australia, Russia, Africa?
No problem! Just follow the lessons when you want, online.

Four online lessons, where the author will show and explain how to use your graphical skill at the service of the story.
Every lesson is a post, published every Monday. If you have any doubts, you can ask the teacher, and discuss with other attendants.
And for every lesson, you have to work on an assignment then send it before Saturday. Next Monday, David will publish his corrections and comments about your work!
An hard month, for only 200 euro.
For info about the workshop and how to enroll, .
two Aces (Weekly)
 And now, let's talk David about this workshop...

«The first of these exercises will be issued at the beginning of each week in October ( I assume that means Monday morning ) and they will need completing by the end of that week - by Saturday morning.  On that day, and on Sunday, they will all ( without exception ) need to be emailed to me.  On the Sunday following and on Monday, I will look at them all and comment on them all.  And on that next Monday morning also, you will send out the next exercise.  These exercises will not be dependent upon each other, so it won't matter that that I'm ' marking ' ( as we say in England ) one set of exercises while they're doing the next set.  So we'll go through October like that.  At the end of the month, I won't shut off the process, because I may want to do an assessment of each participant's collection of exercises in a totality - and I will happily do that without any extra pay beyond what has been offered for the period set.  I'm only interested in making this a valuable set of lessons for those who enlist in the workshop.»

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