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mercoledì 2 ottobre 2013

It's Starting!!

Next monday the workshop about Graphic Storytelling hosted by David Lloyd will start.
David Lloyd is the graphical creator of V for Vendetta and the editor of Aces Weekly,, a comic art magazine totally online.

We have a few free spots for this workshop and we want to fill them because the more we will be, the more we will learn, it's our teaching method!

Why this? We would like to stress the concept that the workshop is TOTALLY ONLINE. Everything will happen only on Internet, in written form, with the help of drawing and sketches. No videos or videoconferences. The old, good, written word, with the help of excellent illustrations. Everyone from everywhere in the world can follow the workshop! 

And now, something more from the words of the truly ours David Lloyd!

The Workshop System : 
I'll be suggesting things to do, tools you should try to use if they're not familiar to you already, and study you should undertake. I'll assess the exercise whenever it's sent to me, and advise on what needs to be improved in it, if anything. 
The point of this workshop is for me to try to be of value to you, but there's no reasonable time limit I can specify to fully establishing that value, so I'm stretching the time I take on the workshop to as practical a point as I can manage, so I can give wider advice than the areas covered in the workshop if I feel it's needed : )

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